Clayoquot Sound Private Charter

Fortune Channel: part of beautiful, natural Clayoquot Sound. Tofino, BC


Cruise Clayoquot Sound in All Seasons

Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring: Experience the beauty each season offers

A Clayoquot Sound Private Charter tour takes place on the inlet water ways and is ideal for those seeking a comfortable and informative tour of wildlife.

Offered Any Day of The Year (Weather Permitting)

A Clayoquot Sound Private Charter can be available every day as long as the weather permits. Captain Mike White has been on these waters since a young child and checks the weather conditions constantly. In light rain the cruise will be on. Watching raindrops on the water and listening to rain in the forests is enchanting and magical.  On the days that Mother Nature is brewing up heavy rains or winds the cruise will be postponed.

How Long is the Clayoquot Sound Boat Cruise

Enjoy a least 3 hours of gazing at the inlets, old growth trees, wildlife, bird life and stories about the Sound from the Captain. And if something interesting shows up and the cruise lasts longer well so much the better. Often there is something to slow down and take in and your Captain Mike White is just as interested in enjoying the cruise. So sit back, enjoy and savour this cruise.

Number of Passengers

Minimum 2 guests required, Maximum is 12 guests.

boatcruisesboatcharterstofinobcCruise Clayoquot Sound every day of the year with Browning Pass Charters, Tofino, BC


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